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A Sweet, Opposites Attract 

Contemporary Romance

The story that starts it all.

Her fiery intensity. His outgoing charm. A spark of attraction. Will their differences repel them apart or bind them together?

Teacher Laura Kelly devoted her life to becoming an elementary school principal in her beloved Philly neighborhood. When the role is in her grasp, a respected professor challenges her prickly people skills and refuses her a recommendation. Her passion explodes as she vows to prove her professor wrong.

Henry Johnson's life as a Wharton graduate student is ending, and with it, his autonomy. He must leave Philly, move home to the small town of Landon, and live out the predetermined path others set for him. His easygoing nature endures their choices even though he hopes for more.

While seeking refuge from the rain in a dry vestibule, fate intertwines their paths, leaving them to question what it means to break free and follow their hearts.

Do they answer destiny's call or hang up on the life they deserve together? Sign up above to find out. 

Hi, I'm author Hillary Ross. It's great to see you!

For 20+ years, I followed my calling as a literacy educator/advocate for preteens and teens. It was my passion, leaving me no time to read the romance novels gathering dust on my nightstand. Today, I live the reverse. Following my heart, I write love stories about courageous, dedicated educators who deserve a happily ever after. Somehow. Someway.

When I'm not writing, you can find me in the great outdoors: running, hiking, exploring cities, drinking my morning coffee, or smelling the roses. Yet, no matter what I'm doing, it's always more fun with the hero of my HEA, Matt, and the ruler of our universe, our beloved super-senior cat Omar (he made me write that).